Pasta machine

I have recently started to organize pasta making demonstration in the village hall in Achnasheen . The course includes demonstration and a hands on workshop where you can make your own pasta. Price for the course is £15 which includes a 3 course lunch (minimum 10 people).

For these demonstrations I needed to buy a pasta machine so I checked a few shops in the area and saw that almost all of them were selling the same brand at about £20 (made in China). I bought one and ... just after the third time I used it, it started falling to pieces: I had to take out the bits that stop the pasta to go inside the back of the machine and it looked like it might work... but the pasta was getting stuck to the rollers when using the tighter setting...then the handle broke... A complete disaster!!

Luckily I managed to buy an Imperia pasta machine, like the one I had in Italy. These machines , that have been made in Italy for 75 years are heavy duty but at the same time very easy to use. I advise my cookery students to buy this machine if they want to get one. I still bring the broken one with me to the courses just to show them what happens if you want to save a few pounds.

You can buy this pasta machine from Amazon at about £30. Just follow this link Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine SP150

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